About Us

Keating Partners is founded on the values and entrepreneurial spirit that have guided our predecessor companies over the past forty years. With extensive experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, it was time to extract the best of our predecessor and affiliated company talents and transform them into a business focused on development, owner representation, and full-service property management under a new Keating banner. The bar we set for the business is to be…unrivaled, much like our predecessor companies.

Keating Partners bears the trademarks of unique individual skills and collective success. We have developed millions of square feet of exceptional product, valued in the billions of dollars, and continue to manage over two million square feet of space.

The projects have taken various forms: many on behalf of large institutional and government clients, others for our own account, and still others to meet the specific project delivery requirements of private sector clients. They vary greatly in size but are founded on strong project economics and value creation.


The Keating Partners team is a long established and unique blend of skills, backgrounds and passion for visionary solutions that benefit our clients and the community of interests they serve. Our team typically includes experts in management, finance, legal, planning/design and accounting. 

From the beginning our approach to projects of all types has been founded on:

  • Building strong and collaborative client relationships.
  • Structuring public-private partnerships (long before P3 became the parlance of real estate industry).
  • Promoting vertical integration of services—from projectasanidea through property management—that yield project delivery cost savings.
  • Community building strategies.
  • Commitment to sustainable solutions.

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Our Vision & Approach

Keating Partners provides an exceptional mix of real estate services, customized to meet your needs. Our strategic and innovative solutions meet the needs of our clients by capitalizing on opportunities, market conditions, and timing. We are best positioned to meet client needs in an ever-changing market.

Individually, Keating employees represent decades of experience. We bring financial, analytical, design, and management skills to every project.

Four decades of experience and hundreds of projects totaling over $15 billion yield a wealth of knowledge in the design, development, and management of buildings. As a developer, design/development advisor, and ultimately as an asset and property manager, we work in many capacities, a one-stop-shop throughout the real estate life cycle. Keating Partners is a blend of this experience in one company.

The touchstone of every successful real estate venture is commitment: to an idea, a budget, and timeline. Keating Partners brings management discipline and the resource of experience to this process.

The best solutions always require vision – a way of thinking beyond the ordinary that brings value to your project and inspiration to the end user. Keating Partners helps bring focus to your project concept.

  • “We” is smarter than “me”: team collaboration simplifies and strengthens our service delivery; we encourage and often participate in project team formation.
  • Multi-market experience increases value: our expertise spans many real estate market sectors, enhances the service, and informs the strategy we bring to your project.
  • The elasticity of the idea: thinking outside the box is essential to the success of complex projects.