Keating Partners provides management services for a variety of properties, including commercial, industrial, mixed-use, and government. We offer proven experience, quantifiable results, and a hospitality-focused approach to every property.

Our team is highly experienced in marketing, lease administration, personnel training and management, preventive and precision maintenance, timely accounting, and comprehensive monthly reporting. We take particular pride in our approach to on- and off-site administrative services…this is the trademark of our personalized approach to property management.

Our property management services include:

  • Building and Operations Maintenance
  • Identification of Revenue Generating Opportunities
  • Operational Efficiency Analyses
  • Property Accounting and Financial Services
  • Third Party Contract Management
  • Lease Administration
  • Energy and Sustainability Analyses

case studies

Civic Square II (New Brunswick, NJ) – 228,000 SF

Project Description
Two public buildings oriented to create a concentrated district of government offices within New Brunswick’s Central Business District. This project was the first public-private partnership of its kind in New Jersey; combining the interests and resources of the County of Middlesex, City of New Brunswick, New Brunswick Development Corporation, Keating and the United States Postal Service. The project consists of the County Administration Building, a 5-story 112,000 SF building and the Public Safety Building, a 3-story 116,000 SF building housing the County Prosecutor’s office and the New Brunswick Police Department.
The Challenge
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Project Management Services
County Administration offices had been housed in deteriorating, inefficient buildings throughout New Brunswick. The occupancy costs for the County at the time were in excess of $12.00 per square foot. The project consolidated the agencies into new, efficient space that was accessible to the public. As property manager, Keating was involved during the design and construction of the project, offering input that would eventually improve the operating efficiency of the buildings after construction was completed. Since 1999, Keating’s on-site staff has managed the buildings in a first-class manner and held operating costs well below what the County had been paying historically. Operating efficiency is the result of regularly bidding out service contracts; installing energy-efficient light bulbs which has reduced energy usage by 5%; implementing an aggressive preventive maintenance program to extend the useful life of building mechanical equipment; and proactively identifying maintenance issues before they become costly repairs.

Civic Square III (New Brunswick, NJ) – 100,000 SF

Project Description
Civic Square III encompasses a 100,000 SF family courthouse. Large jury courtrooms, smaller non-jury courtrooms, hearing rooms, support spaces for judges, staff and visitors, a sally port and holding areas for detainees, family visitation areas and childcare facilities are all housed in this building. The courthouse provides separate circulation for the public, prisoners, jurors, staff and judges.
Project Services
Keating was involved with this project from design through construction, offering suggestions that would ensure operating efficiency after construction was complete. Given the nature and use of the building, collaboration with the Middlesex County Sheriff is essential. Keating property management communicates with the Sheriffs on a daily basis and coordinates background checks for building contractors and employees with the Sheriff. Keating has coordinated several capital improvement programs in the building, including security upgrades as well as an expansion of judiciary offices and courtrooms on the top floor of the building. Through competitive bidding, an excellent working relationship with the City of New Brunswick Building Department and weekly construction meetings, Keating was able to complete construction on time and 20% under budget.

Civic Square IV (New Brunswick, NJ) – 229,713 SF

Project Description
Keating served as co-developer with New Brunswick Development Corporation to renovate and reconfigure the existing County Courthouse which had previously been occupied by the Family Court. This 229,000 SF building includes more than 30 courtrooms, 3 floors of office space, sally port, holding cells and related secured space.
Project Services
Keating property management team worked hand in hand with the co-developers during the construction of this multi-phased renovation. We had the unique task of managing occupied space while renovation work continued throughout the balance of the building. Security was of particular concern and Keating collaborated with the Sheriff to ensure that accessibility to the public and security for the judges was maintained at all times. Keating property management was able to bring its creative problem solving tools to bear when the judiciary expressed the need for an exterior awning on the building. The awning would protect hundreds of jurors from the weather while they waited to pass through security screening in the main lobby. The proposed awning was a capital expense and would not relieve the time it took for jurors to proceed through lobby security. Keating property management proposed a queuing system as an alternative. The main lobby was large and could accommodate 200 people if they were arranged appropriately. In doing so, the jurors’ comfort would be assured and capital dollars budgeted for an awning could be allocated elsewhere.

1000/1020 E. Ashland Avenue (Folcroft, PA) – 48,500 SF

Project Description
The Ashland Avenue property consists of two flex buildings and surface parking just outside Philadelphia. The larger building has its own transformer offering 2000 AMP electrical service as well as 5 ton and 30 ton cranes.
Project Services
Keating offers ownership the benefit of its expertise in construction management. Keating prepared bid packages, reviewed and awarded bids, and managed full roof replacement on the larger building. Four different areas, each with unique roofing systems, were replaced while the building remained occupied. The project was completed on time and on budget with minimal inconvenience to the tenant. Keating also prides itself on quick response to tenant concerns. When a tenant reported cracking in the surface parking lot, Keating immediately investigated and discovered two sinkholes that resulted from the removal of underground storage tanks by the previous owner. Repairs were made quickly, preventing a small problem from becoming a much larger one. Our expertise in construction management as well as superior customer service has resulted in stable, long term tenancy at the property.

The Phoenix (Philadelphia, PA) – 560,000 SF

Project Description
Keating developed this historically registered landmark building in Philadelphia into 267 luxury condominium homes, 60,000 SF of office and retail space and an extensive underground parking and residential amenities package. This multi-use property is located across from City Hall and offers instant Atrium access to the Suburban Station concourse.
Project Services
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Naval Square – X SF

Project Description
Naval Square is located on an historic twenty-acre site: 619 units…Historic
Mansion Units, 4-Story Townhouses, 4-Story Condominiums and 2-over-2 Townhouses, a property featuring pristine grounds, proximity to the best of urban amenities in a suburban setting and on-site amenities meeting the needs of virtually every age and lifestyle.
Project Services
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Wilkes Barre – Stagmaier (Wilkes-Barre, PA) – 105,000 SF

Project Description
The Stegmaier Brewery complex, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is among Wilkes-Barre’s tallest structures, occupying a pivotal position at the eastern gateway to the Central Business District. Once an elegant and proud symbol of the city’s industrial prosperity, the building lay vacant and abandoned for 20 years and was a prominent reminder of urban decline. Keating joined with the USPS to redevelop the complex into 105,000 SF of Class A office space for the USPS and General Services Administration.
Project Services
Keating Property management was involved from acquisition through design and construction of the property, offering input that would lead to operating efficiency after construction was completed. Recruitment of an on-site engineer who has been with the property since it opened is chiefly responsible for our excellent relationship with the tenants. In addition, Keating has maintained an average operating expense increase of 4% over the last 10 years and has consistently operated the property at or below budget. Keating also offers ownership the benefit of related companies’ expertise in sustainability and green environmental practices. For example, Keating is working with Keating Environmental to assess the Energy Star rating for the property; this study will enable property management to identify and implement cost-saving practices that meet new requirements of the GSA. Recently, KMS property management entered the building in PPL’s E-power Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Over 200 light fixtures were replaced with energy efficient lamps and ballasts. In addition to realizing significant energy savings, the building was added to the E-Power Energy-Smart Business Honor Roll.